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Shore Thing Surf Therapy

Shore Thing is our UAE-based community initiative that launched in December 2021. Designed to heal and enable recovery from issues such as PTSD and depression, Surf Therapy leans into the science of Blue Mind. The experience of being in the water creates a profound connection that has proven to be beneficial to various communities all over the world. We provide surf sessions, SUP events, small to large scale paddle outs, corporate and educational events.

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We are the first and only official GCC contributors to the International Surf Therapy Organisation (ISTO).



'The sea is a very calming place; how surf therapy can help with depression and anxiety.'


Listen to Chloe Griffin & Elaine Froggett interview us about the mental health benefits of surfing.


On 9th October 2022, over 70 people joined us in the UAE’s first-ever paddle out to mark World Mental Health Day. 


Sarah Zakzouk from Wellness Division interviews Paula and Dan van Dooren of Surf House Dubai, about surf therapy.

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