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The Paddle Out for COP28 is a peaceful campaign for Ocean Health + Human Health.


A symbolic community gathering in the ocean, uniting surfers, SUPers, divers, ocean lovers and ocean stewards to raise awareness for ocean conservation during the biggest event for climate change in the world: COP28.


Believed to have begun as an ancient Hawaiian tradition, a paddle out is a ceremony typically used to celebrate and pay tribute to surfers who have passed away. Paddle outs have evolved beyond the concept of memorials and are now a way of honouring or paying tribute to other causes related to the ocean.



This Paddle Out is an activity where attendees will paddle from the beach out to the sea, following a route of 2km, where they will form a circle and pay tribute to the ocean.


Paddlers can use SUP (stand up paddle boards), surf boards, kayaks, dragon boats, or other water vessels.


We are forming a circle in the ocean where we will link together, and set our intentions for a better world, improving ocean conservation, and reflecting on how the ocean can help our mental health.


Paddlers can arrive at 7am and no later than 8am. Attendees visiting the Blue Mind Zone or spectating, can arrive anytime between 7am - 11.30am.


Paddle start time is 8.30am when we will have briefings, photos and our launch.


There are additional activities for both paddlers and non paddlers in our festival-style grass area by the beach:


  • All day beach + pool access to JA The Resort

  • Ice baths - Heal Hub

  • Yoga - YoFit Studios

  • Marine Debris Workshop - Chloe Blue Diving

  • Art Workshop - Studio Passepartout

  • Educational Workshop - Azraq

  • Pop-Up - Psychiatry & Therapy Centre

  • Pop-Up - Emirates Diving Association

  • Insights, Storytelling & Networking at Climate Café - Climate Club & Colette Barr

  • F&B Samples + Snacks

  • Drinking Water - Liquid of Life

  • Recycling by REE


And....entry into our prize draw!


All ticket holders are automatically entered into our prize draw! Prizes include:


  • Home Water Filter by Liquid of Life

  • Tent by WâHat 

  • Eco-Heroes books by Colette Barr

  • Sustainable Toys by Rikbits

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