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Company Culture Expert. Ocean Lover. Environmentalist. HR Professional.

Founder of Do the Most, a boutique People, Culture & Impact Consultancy helping organisations make their work meaningful.

Based in Dubai, we work with SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups, hand in hand with Founders, C-Suite and People teams to refine and evolve organisational culture by tapping into what matters most to teams. 

Over 10 years of people and culture experience with privately owned, founder-led, start-up to scale-up businesses in various sectors including retail, beauty, hospitality & travel industries across the UAE, UK, USA, Europe and APAC regions.

My approach to hiring, talent retention, career planning, performance management, company culture, employee listening has won awards and resulted in the growth of high performing teams and thriving companies.

What matters to me is ethics and impact. Every business and business leader can behave ethically and make a positive impact on the world. It's my job to help you figure out how to do this and make your work more meaningful.

Looking forward to working with you ~


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